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How Does Your Dining Staff Determine Resident Want...
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Although requests from residents include more healthy meals and less breaded/fried/heavily sauced/spicy meals, healthy alternatives are not offered in sufficient quantity and variety. Instead of alfredo sauce, kitchen should offer olive oil/garlic for instance but we lean too heavily on alfredo. Dining staff appears to want to accommodate but does not get correct training from management which is concerned with cost/elimination of waste, etc.

We have plenty of opportunity to offer feedback on our dining experiences. The Dining Services Team holds quarterly Town Halls to give updates and answer questions. The individual dining rooms hold quarterly meetings to review what is happening in the that dining room. People are very free with their complains and suggestions.

There are comment cards with a locked box for receipt of cards by each dining room. The Dining Room Managers and supervisors get plenty of comments during meal time. The Residents" Council dining services committee meets monthly with Dining staff to review new program updates and issues.

Charlestown is managed by Erickson Senior Living

Ann MacKay


Catonsville, MD

As Chair of our Dining Services Committee, I am receiving a rash of comments indicating dissatisfaction with menu choices. Does your Dining Committee or Dining Staff use a questionnaire or survey to seek resident input?

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