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Rose Villa is a CCRC near Portland OR with about 325 residents. Food service is either pick-up or delivery, because of Covid fears and lack of staff. We have a “Dietary Manager” but not a nutritionist/dietician.

F&B staff have been identifying dishes as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, oil-free for about a year. Resident requests have recently moved on to specific diets such as keto and MIND. Residents making these request aren’t asking for these options for themselves. They want the community to follow these diets. Only about 2% of residents are making these requests but they are quite vocal.    

Hi, we live at Medford Leas in Medford, New Jersey. Medford Leas has about 500 residents and 400 employee and is a CCRC. Dining staff are employees of Medford Leas and dining is probably the second most important resident issue next to healthcare. Dining is included in the monthly fee and is either cafeteria-style or table service with the same menu. I often have to order a special green vegetable but can easily find nutritious food for dinner. Residents have always fixed their own breakfast and lunch but can get them if they go along with the hours. During this time of Covid, Dining Services at Medford Leas has shortages.

I enjoyed reading some of the ol submittals on recipe nutrient analysis. At our midsize CCRC we have limited info from a contract nutritionist and I am satisfied. Below is an example


with baby spinach & kale, dates, pecans and goat cheese with choice of dressing

200 cal, 14g fat, 126mg sodium, 15g carb, 7g protein, 4g fiber

Question: Do any of your menus have a variety of healthy choices denoted as healthy, or low salt or low sugar eating--perhaps a section on the menu. I hoping to get more of these choices on our menu. For years we have had only 2 low sugar desserts, vanilla frozen yogurt and angel food cake. YUK!

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