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nutrition analysis of recipes and meal courses
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Yes, this seems the company. NetNutrition is one of their trademarks. They offer many services.

Linda Kilcrease

Resident of a CCRC

It looks like it is from CBORD:

If you do a Google search on Netnutrition - it is used everywhere - many colleges, universities, etc. So far, I cannot find the website of the company that owns and sells this service.

Linda Kilcrease

Resident of a CCRC

The Erickson Senior Living Communities use NetNutrition for the nutritional information. It can be used through our resident portal. The screen shots that Linda Lilcrease posted look like what we see so I am assuming it is the same program.

Ann MacKay


Catonsville, MD

I live at Medford Leas i. Medford , New Jersey. I think our food is high quality but residents must choose wisely. I have lived here 12 years and am picky about what my husband snd I eat. For example, there is often no green vegetable served automatically but they are available. You can also choose low salt items like fresh blueberries instead of sugary desserts.

Kay Roberts

I'm asking our culinary the source of our excellent nutritional info. By item or for a meal with totals sheet. An area for each separate dining facility for those people to select items to analyze. We also have a sheet with fish origin.

Below are some images.

Linda Kilcrease

Resident of a CCRC

Our resident Food & Dining Committee would like to have a nutritional analysis of the recipes used in our dining services. Many residents need the salt, sugar, fat, vitamins, minerals, lactose, gluten, etc content of individual meal courses. Questions:

1. Does your facility have any nutritional analysis of the meals served? If so, what depth: descriptive menus down to a spreadsheet of the recipe ingredients versus nutrient content?

2. If you have recipe nutrient analysis, how is it created? Does your dining services create and publish the information? Are residents involved in any of the creation and publishing? Do the residents/dining services use any software to generate the information? If so, what software?

Bert Laurence

A Palo Alto CA CCRC

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