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Dress Codes
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Our community no longer has a dress code in the Resident Handbook. We have moved on from coats and ties 15 years ago to no comment on clothing. The newer residents do wear shorts in the dining rooms which was not allowed when we moved in 9 years ago. Most men wear slacks and a polo shirt or a collared shirt. T-shirts with designs have been more common with new residents.

Five years ago, the Residents' Council tried to come up with a dress code but dining services management said they were in the hospitality business not in the enforcement business. Many of the "old guard" that clung to the standards of dress from 20 years pushed back a bit but that passed.

Women seem to know that shorts aren't a good look so capri pants are very common in the summer. Flip flops were a "no-no" but now women wear expensive sandals with a toe thong that looks like a flip flop but is not the pool or beach type. How do you tell someone that their $200 sandals are not suitable.

Life has become more informal and it is reflected in our dining rooms and on cruise ships. Family members do come in with more informal dress and we see an occasional ball cap backwards. Sometimes the resident will say something and they take it off but others are so glad to see their family members they let it go.

The pandemic caused more informal life including no tablecloths in the restaurant venues.

Our dining used to be formal. I was told the story of a visiting teen for someone who had a baseball style hat on, and the resident was spoken to. No longer. Jeans are OK if neat and with a nice top. I added some flip flops, some places ban, that look like sandals and no one said anything. It is the "next generation" coming in that seems to change things, and it is going more casual. Neat, not revealing. Gym style with shorts ok non-dinner, as so many are in and out of the fitness center, etc..

Linda Kilcrease

Resident of a CCRC

The Dining Committee of our Resident Council is considering recommending a dress code for one of several new dining venues now being constructed on our campus. We have around 900 residents and within a year or so we will have four separate dining venues.

When we moved here four years ago the published guidance for the main dining room was "no shorts at the evening meal," but it was not enforced and no longer exists. I understand that the committee is considering recommending a "reasonable" dress code for the evening meal for one of the venues -- something like "no shorts and shirts with collars for the men."

Any thoughts?

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