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NaCCRA Forum: Governance of CCRC/LifePlan Communit

Resident Councils
Douglas Thayer

It is obvious from the recent posts to this thread that there are a number of non-profit CCRCs that are plagued by the dysfunctional, low communication/transparency, paternalistic, and autocratic model of governance (I live in one of them), and that the instances of cooperative resident council - administration - board situations are relatively rare (see also the mixed results regarding use of resident satisfaction surveys in the General thread). Are there any known national statistics on this matter (NaCCRA, other organization), or is the impression due to the small number of individuals commenting in this thread?

It seems to me that the 'natural' development should have been one of mutual respect and cooperation between the resident councils and the corporate boards/administration--after all, isn't the purpose of the CCRC contract between the residents and the board to provide a continuous, harmonious, and satisfying end-of-life experience for the CCRC resident?

Doug Thayer

Santa Fe, NM

Susan Farkas

It is wonderful to see that some residents dare to speak their minds and share issues. Hopefully this will lead over time to beneficial changes, improving the residents' lives. Baby Boomers are coming and will change the landscape.

Allen Hasse

Somewhere in my NaCCRC email feed I was sent an excellent UTube like video on governance of CCRCs. It was 20 to 30 mins long and discussed problems with a “pencil” shaped condominium in NYC as well as the experience of a Medford Oregon CCRC whose management tried to used the assets of that CCRC to start two new (Mirabella) CCRCs in Seattle and Portland. The Medford CCRC was able to “claw back” thier money and retain their sound financial base. I have been unable to find that video again. Can anyone help? Thanks. Al Hasse


That was Dan Seeger's presentation to PARCAR, the Pennsylvania residents association. Click this button PARCAR to view it.

Jim Haynes

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