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Guest Speakers
David Bayer
We have a large chapter of the Florida Life Care Residents Association at my CCRC, and have four general membership meetings every year featuring a guest speaker. We would appreciate recommendations on interesting speakers on matters that impact CCRCs that others have encountered.
R. Gerard Hyland

Hello Dave,

My suggestions for your consideration are:

  1. A repeat of the presentation NaCCRA had in San Diego by Ziegler. [I can send to you her slides, if you would like them.]
  2. An accountant from one of the auditing firms serving the not-for-profit CCRC industry to describe the many changes to the audited financial statements since the issuance by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) of their Accounting Standards Update (ASU) Revenue from Contracts with Customers (Topic 606).  The FASB has issued many more ASUs since then.  These ASUs have significantly changed the the content of audited financial statements. 
  3. The Florida Insurance Commissioner, or someone from his office, to talk about his quarterly tracking of CCRC finances.  He presented testimony and testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Aging during July 2010.  [I can send his testimony  to you, if you like.]
  4. Someone from the IRS to discuss enforcement of their rules governing CCRCs.  There are some great provisions built into their rules, or more specifically their revenue rulings, to protect residents. 

Stay home, stay safe, stay well,


Ann MacKay

Here are some ideas. They are not specifically CCRC but fall in the older adults eductions category. You could consider a Zoom call in which we have done for speakers.

   1. AARP has a new 5 step plan to address COVID-19 in nursing homes. Dana Kennedy for AZ talked. Her testimony is posted on the House Ways and Means Committee. I think each state has a Speakers Bureau.

  2. Get an epidemiologist from the health department or University to explain what public health is and why it is so important. [Full disclosure, my father was a public health officer in a county health department in MN for years]. This link offers some good background.

3. Bias in information - get a journalist or professor in communications or journalism to address how to sort out fact from opinion and how to identify factual sources of information.

4. Brad Breeding does speeches.

5. Privacy issues with Echo devices, websites, Facebook  - maybe a tech support person could do it or AARP speakers bureau

6. Living with dementia in the time of COVID-10 - Alzheimer's Association may have speakers.

7. Bev Johnson heads up the Institute for Family and Patient Centered Care - She would be a video program.

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