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NaCCRA transparency to members
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Could someone point me please to where the minutes of the Board meetings might be? I used Search for "minutes" but it did not find anything and manual searching did not reveal them either. Hopefully this post will get a reply soon and I will not have to wait for an answer for 2+ years like Liz 😀😀. Thanks.

Look under Documents at the page top.

Previous generations of the NaCCRA website contained the NaCCRA bylaws. I am not finding them on the current website. Perhaps I am missing something.

Are the NaCCRA bylaws on the website?

As I recall, the bylaws require NaCCRA to post Board meetings minutes on the website.

I regard this as important transparency to members.   Perhaps the Board meeting minutes are online and I am just not seeing them. Are the minutes on the website? (I have never yet died of embarrassment in a situation of not finding something "in plain sight" on a website.)

Thank you.
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