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Relationship of Resident "owners" and Bo...
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Thanks, Ann. Meantime I got some info and did some research. I see that non-profits have no owner. Residents are major investors and stakeholders in a non-profit that the board of directors is accountable to. In my community, residents sell our home and give our life savings to fund the CCRS. Our entrance and monthly fees are the main income source and the reason the CCRC can exist and grow by building/acquiring new communities. At my community, residents are solicited to give even more of our money and free labor (volunteer) to fund team member appreciation bonuses and more, as well as volunteer in healthcare facilities in place of lost team members, volunteer and pay for the library, the woodshops, labor in the mailroom, and more.  

The resident council is useless. They censor/block suggestions so these never get to the council for discussion. It is for little more than if you want paper towels in the restroom. The management is the power and blocks what goes forward.

The board searches for and evaluates the CEO, management. A good link is here:

Linda Kilcrease

Resident of a CCRC

As residents in a nonprofit community governed by a Board of Directors, we do not have a direct relationship with the Board members. We get reports from the Board and articles in the newsletter but the manager or in our case the management company has the relationship with residents.

The Board sets the policies and approves the budget. They are not involved in the day-to-day management of the operation. Most contracts do not give us “rights” unless they are in the state statutes and rules. I live in Maryland and we do have some rights spelled out in the law: the right to meet, the right to submit a written grievance, the right to get information on the operations annually, the right to request the annual disclosure statement, and the right to read the minutes of the Board. The statute also requires at least one resident on the governing board.

An effective Residents Council becomes important as the voice for residents in a community. The goal is to have a collaborative working arrangement with the staff and committees in their areas of responsibility. In our community, this works. The RC President and Vice President meet monthly to discuss issues that need further work and solutions.

Jim, we've discussed before. I'll follow-up with email to you.

Linda Kilcrease

Resident of a CCRC


Your NaCCRA profile shows that you do not live in a CCRC, but are a supporting member. Yet you refer to the "president of your CCRC". If you want advice from the NaCCRA community, I suggest updating your Profile to show at which CCRC you live. I see that you live in Pennsylvania. I suggest that you contact the departmemt in the state of Pennsylvania that overlooks CCRCs

Jim Haynes

The president of our CCRC said that the residents are the owners of the CCRC. I note our fees provide the main income and the ability to exist, as well as fund new construction of more communities. I also recognize the CCRC is not a public company. What is the relationship of the board of directors to the residents? It may be residents are investors but not really owners. Whichever, it seems that residents have no power, no vote on anything. The resident contract is written in favor of the management/company and states have no regulation other than the broad financial one and financial documents are submitted to the state.

Linda Kilcrease

Resident of a CCRC

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