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Inclusion of residents in search committees
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Hi Karen and Mary. I live at Wind Crest a growing 1600 resident (2000 when fully built) Type C CCRC community near Denver, CO. It is a not-for-profit community. It is one of 20 similar sized CCRC communities(16 not-for profit, 4 for profit) under the Erickson Senior Living (ESL) brand. Erickson is a for profit corporation, based in Baltimore, MD. We are governed by a supposedly independent Board of Directors. but this is questionable since the all of the members of 16 not for profits must be members of the National Senior Campus Board.

The short answer to your question is NO!!. I believe this is true of the other 19 CCRCs under the Erickson umbrella. Combined, there are approximately 30,000 residents living in these communities.

It gets better. According to the IRS Form 990, the Executive Director (ED) and the CFO are ESL employees on loan to our community. My understand is that ESL in Baltimore, MD appoints their selection for ED and CFO and assigns them to their community. I believe this practice is identical to the other 19 ESL communities. In prior years additional Division level employees were also "loaned executives" but these designations are absent from the most recent filings. Since there have been no vacancies in either position since I moved here 2 & 1/2 years ago, I can't say with certainty that the residents won't be asked their opinion in some format but I'm not holding my breath. I suspect that lower level management/Department level appointment are made by the Executive Director using his internal process. I am not aware of any resident collaboration in this process.

Hope this helps.

Yes, Karen. At Heron's Key in Gig Harbor, WA (a Type A Life Care Community) residents are invited to participate in the selection process of all high level employees - usually at the end of the process when there are two or three candidates still in the running. Resident members of the committee are chosen by the Executive Director and others on the selection committee with consideration of experience working with the former director or knowledge of the qualities necessary for the job. There are usually 3 or 4 residents sitting on the final selection committee.

Are residents included in search committees for CEO/COO/CFO and Director positions at your CCRC and, if so, how are they chosen to participate.

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