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Hints for Using the NaCCRA Forum
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I believe that it is best for each member to decided if and how they receive email messages about forum posts. Many have Inboxes that are overwhelmed and do not want to receive these notices.

I will try and post the names of the 9 States that have resident association. I wish there were more.

Jim Haynes

Jim, I hope you are doing fine and that you will read my email. I am posting it to the forum because you mentioned that you are deleting messages whose sender doesn't include their name in their email address and that applies to me.

I was glad to see the new, Ombudsman forum. Please enable notifications sent to subscribers to this forum. 

Maybe website traffic would increase (which would be good for the NaCCRA) if people understood what they have to do to be notified (after you enable that function for each forum). The instructions on the forum and those published in the newsletter do not mention that when going to one’s Profile, under the Forums menu entry, the Forum Memberships shows what they signed up for (for notifications) or how to sign-up for notifications for a Forum or a specific thread in a forum. This might explain why it takes so long for people to react to posts.

One more question, if do not mind. There is a “special forum” called State Associations. I seem to remember a list of the State Associations. If I remember that correctly, was that info removed for some reason? Having that published is very useful info.

Thanks for your help,

I was the one that posted the video. It was a short Loom Video which I did. I used the free version and I approached my limit for free videos on their website so I had to delete it.

Ann MacKay


Then probably there should not be a link to a video, as I mentioned, in General/Notification of a Forum Post, as shown in the copy of this post below:

6/19/2020 4:55 PM

The settings for email notifications can be found under the profile settings>Forum preferences. Here is a link to a video showing how to check your settings.

Forum Settings

Ann MacKay


There is not an way to post or insert a movie .mov file - photos, yes. All posts must be approved by a moderator.

Jim Haynes

I posted a reply yesterday to General/Notification of a Forum Post to report that the link to the video returns a 404 error. While it appeared that the post was accepted, it is not there. I retyped and tried again. I am wondering if a moderator has to approve certain posts ....

This application has quite a few "quirks", but such is life. Probably not too many people use it, so it doesn't matter too much.

Jim, excellent. Thank you. I've made a few changes I was not aware of.

Linda Kilcrease

Resident of a CCRC

You have the option of configuring your personal forum setting in your profile.

  1. After you login to, hover your mouse pointer over your name. A small window will open.
  2. Click on the Profile link below your picture and name. This takes you to your profile page.
  3. On your profile page you will find several boxes below your membership summary.
  4. On the bottom row you will find Forums
  5. Click on the Forum General Preferences.

You will find the following 5 sections: (my suggestions for sections 3 and 5)

1.Viewing Messages and Threads

2. Email Address

3. Message Delivery – Read the note for Send Forum messages to me Via Email.  I have this checked, but you might want all forum postings emailed to you.  You can control this in the forums you are following,

4. Authoring Messages

5. Identification – Add a head shot picture hear and your picture will appear on every post you make giving a professional look.

Save when you are finished

When you are logged-in and, in the Forum, look for a button My Forum Memberships.  Here you can set you preferences for each forum for which you are a member and drop your membership in any forum

Jim Haynes

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