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Though lengthy, it’s revealing to know what others are doing and finding successful through the forum posts. We learn from each other. 
Checking daily NYT, NCDHHS, and our NC buncombe county for case/death counts.
NCDHHS will give zip code counts which is very useful.
However, Counts differ significantly. Anywhere from a few to over 50. No universal testing throughout the Deerfield campus. Other states and medical professionals recommend “test, trace, treat”.  
Residents are inconsistent in mask protection, social distancing.  Complacent? There is concern that there would be asymptomatic carriers among us. There is weekly testing for some staff who are working directly with independent residents (housekeeping) and for all AL and Health Care Caregiving staff whenever they are known to be exposed to 9 staff and 4 residents ( cases officially documented by the Buncombe county board of health.) 
The COVID Information Forum is getting quite long. Is it time to separate out areas for discussion such as testing, immunity discussion, PPE? Your thoughts please.
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