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Eldon James

Residents Directory 5 135

Stephen Turpin

Resident Engagment software at PRS affiliates 1 42

Janice Clements

TouchTown 7 110

Leslie Durr

Activities 6 69

Jennifer J. Young

Shopping and hotel style carts for use by apartment dwellers 3 54

Linda Holthaus

Showing appreciation 3 58

Jennifer J. Young

Interiors of Elevators 7 84

Jennifer J. Young

On Site Shops 9 190

Jennifer J. Young

Transportation Assistance for Non-Drivers in Cottages 3 97

Jennifer J. Young

Any Grievance Procedures for Residents out there? 11 165

Jennifer J. Young

Transitions from Independent Living to Health Care 11 370

Joseph Benedict

Choking resident in dining facility 5 110

Nancy Eddy

Portals (TouchTown, Connected Living, et al) 1 94


Tech help for computers, TVs, smart phones, etc 1 94

suzanne hardin

Pool Lifeguard 2 105

Jennifer J. Young

Vehicle Charging Stations 4 144

Linda Kilcrease

Radon 1 121

Rona K. Obert

Preventive Maintenance 3 123

Claudia Blake

Technology Help 2 119

Virginia State

Employee Gift Fund Check Writing 2 208