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NaCCRA Forum: Residence and Care Agreements

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Douglas Thayer

Use of resident fees from one campus to fund expenses of another campus under the same corporate ownership 1 71

Mickie winkler

legal entrance requirements re: physical and mental health 1 66

Donald Hunsaker

Deposit homes and natural disasters 1 73

Jennifer J. Young

Annual Tax Letter for Fee-for-Service residents 4 160

Enver Masud

Is Independent Living at Type C communities subject to the Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (VRLTA)? 6 200

Linda Holthaus

Price Per Square Foot 1 158

Susan Farkas

A few questions about Type A contracts 25 1057

Alan Duchan

Costs of Type C versus Type B contracts. 5 357

Susan Farkas

Number of contracts with Type B contracts in one CCRC 4 193

Wade A. Taylor

Change of Eligibility for Direct Entry to Health Care Facilities 1 341

Wade A. Taylor

Entrance Fee Resident Agreements 2 379

Jennifer J. Young

Conversion from specified meal plans to declining balance system 1 307

Karen Miller

Change of residential unit within same level of care 2 371